“The Vaping Militia is committed to protecting the rights and health of vapors by advocating for safe public use of personal vaporizers. We strongly believe and promote peaceful and professional activism/advocacy.”

As a Vendor, Supplier, Manufacturer or Distributor this is
what you can do for advocacy:

  • Encourage voter registration
  • Join a national trade organization
  • Join your State Trade Group or start one
  • Join The Vaping Militia (thevapingmilitia.org)
  • Educate your customers and provide them accessto join CASAA
  • Support product branding that reflects good industry practices
  • Become active with your city government, Build a relationship with the City Attorney, Council Members and staff
  • Keep an accurate customer list including name, email and zip code, and use it to inform your customers of threats
  • Meet your State Senator and Representatives 
  • Tell them about your business, employees, goals
    and what you do for your community. Find out their position on vaping and support those that support you by voting for them