One of the great constants across the whole of human experience is that we have always found substances which have fired the imagination, soothed our frazzled nerves, expanded our minds, and become part of our culture.

For many Native American cultures, tobacco, marijuana, peyote, and other substances were and are a part of their religious practice. For the Beatles, Bob Dylan, the Rolling Stones, and so many of the great musicians of the Swinging 60s and 70s, marijuana was a substance used for inspiration. Alcohol itself has played both roles, playing a part in everything from church worship to the novels of F. Scott Fitzgerald to roaring parties. So, what role does vape play today for many as their substance of choice?

1. The Aura of Nonconformity

Part of the reason why marijuana was so popular among artists like the Beatles and Bob Dylan as well as their admirers was the fact that it had the aura of nonconformity and rebellion. When something exists outside the status quo and succeeds there, it sets up its own counterculture – and once it does that, it starts to gain a reputation. E-cigarettes and fluids are fast falling into this category today. They have become a performative display of perceived rebellion among some. In media studies, it’s a common refrain that “perception is everything,” which is why the style here is, in fact, part of the substance.

2. The Artistic Side

What’s more, there is always an undeniable allure to doing or experimenting with something which is associated with figures we know and admire. After all, that’s the reason why major companies pay athletes and celebrities for endorsements. Artists are some of the people we tend to admire most, and we thus often romanticize their relationship to certain substances, from Oscar Wilde dabbling with absinthe to Ernest Hemingway and his legendary drinking exploits. Vaping today has a similar appeal. Some associate it with hipster, artsy types, and that adds to its aura and thus its appeal.

3. The Social Side

One of the most important things to take to heart regarding any substance is that you rarely want to use them alone – and never want to become dependent upon solitary use. Drinking socially is one of the great human pastimes. Having a drink when you get home on Friday night can be a great way to cap off a long week at work. However, drinking alone and to excess is a recipe for disaster. The same goes for vaping. There’s a vibrant social scene for vaping enthusiasts, and you’ll want to take advantage of that – both to practice your vaping responsibly as well as for the fun socializing prospects.

4. The Right E-Cigarette Options

Last but not least, you’re going to want to make sure that you are choosing e-cigs which are of good quality. Cheap marijuana or alcohol is looked down upon by enthusiasts of those substances and subcultures, and for good reason. They’re of poor quality, and can make you sick. You’ll thus want to be a discerning vaper, reading reviews and asking those in the vape community what they think are the best e-cig options out there.

All this and more can help you enjoy the e-cig subculture.