With so many options available on the market, if you are just getting started it can be really tricky to know what e cigarette Toronto is the best option for you. These electronic cigarettes are a great way to decrease the negative effects of smoking cigarettes while still getting to enjoy the pleasure that you have from smoking. As far as substitutes go, they are wonderful, but you still have to make sure that you know what you’re looking for when you want to buy an e-cigarette.

1. Consider Their Availability

While it can be really tempting to pick up an e-cigarette at your local gas station or when you are on a road trip, you want to make sure that you’re buying from an established company that will be around for a while or you may have trouble finding refills or additional parts for your new e-cigarette. The filter on each type of e-cigarette is different and if the manufacturer of your e-cig closes down then you won’t be able to find any more filters.

2. Make Sure They’re Easily Reusable and Rechargeable

Unlike regular cigarettes which are only for one use and then are discarded, you don’t need to use a new e-cigarette each time you want to smoke, but you do want to make sure that the one you buy is reusable so that you don’t run into any problems in the future. Check the charger that your e-cigarette comes with and make sure that you can easily charge no matter where you are with the help of a battery charger or USB charger so that you never have to deal with a dead e-cigarette.

3. Check the Warranty

Some companies offer much better warranties on their e-cigarettes than other companies do, and this will allow you to easily get a replacement if something happens and your e-cigarette stops working. Many companies only offer 30/60/90 day warranties but some do often lifetime warranties that mean you can always turn in your e-cigarette if there is a manufacturing defect and get a new one.

4. Look for an Exchange Program

Quality e-cigarette companies want to make it at easy and fun as possible for their customers to use their products and will often offer exchange programs so that you can turn in your carrying case, battery, or charger and trade it in for something new. Not all companies offer this type of program, so if it is important to you then you will want to look for a company that advertises it.

5. Think about the Nicotine Level

Not everyone realizes that e-cigarettes have nicotine in them and you can choose from different levels that will best meet your needs. If you want a lot of nicotine then you will need to choose a different product than someone who is trying to cut back. Additionally, since there are so many different flavours to choose from, you also need to consider what flavour you want to enjoy in your e-cigarette. Be sure to look for one that has the right characteristics to meet your needs.