The smoking of the e cigarette Toronto has become a popular pastime for many young people, but many adults use them too. They are often used for simple enjoyment, but can also be used to overcome an addiction to tobacco.

1. What is it?

It is a device that is battery operated, includes a liquid solution that is heated by the device, and produces an aerosol that is inhaled by the user. There are many liquid solutions available for use with the e cigarette, and they can contain differing levels of flavoring, nicotine, and other chemicals inhaled by the user. The actual devise comes in many different forms.

2. How Much Nicotine do they Contain?

The nicotine level of the e-liquid purchased by the consumer varies by product. The label can also be misleading. Most times the nicotine levels are less than a cigarette, but there are products available that contain just as much nicotine as a cigarette. There are multiple e-liquid products available that do not contain nicotine, but do contain other chemicals that should be considered when inhaling the product.

3. How Many Product Variations Are There?

There are variations of the e cigarette itself and the e-liquid purchased for inhalation. Many e cigarettes look like a standard cigarette, while others may look like a cigar, pen, or some something more modern. The batteries can be rechargeable or customized for individual use. The alternatives of the e-liquid being used can contain a variety of flavors, nicotine levels, and humectant used to retain moisture.

4. Are They less Harmful than Cigarettes?

Depending on the e-liquid being used, the devise can be less addictive or harmful than tobacco cigarettes, because many times they have less nicotine. It is important to consider the chemicals being inhaled by the e-liquid and e cigarette itself, even if there is less nicotine being inhaled. With so few studies being done on the use of e cigarettes, it is difficult to determine the overall safety of their use.

5. Is it Safe for Teens to Use E-Cigarettes?

The devises use by teens is growing in popularity, and can lead to smoking tobacco cigarettes. Many times teens do not know the e-liquid product they are inhaling contains nicotine. With so many different products on the market, it is up to the user to make sure the product they are inhaling is safe enough for their use.

Although, they can be less harmful than tobacco use, there has not been enough studies done to confirm their safety. The variety of products on the market can make it confusing for the user to distinguish the nicotine levels and overall safety.