Using a vape wins hands down over cigarettes for anyone that is familiar with both. Below are six reasons vaping is healthier and more convenient than lighting up a cigarette.

1. You Absorb a Smaller Amount of Harmful Substances

A vaping device has to reach a particular temperature to create the mist or herbal smoke you inhale. Unlike cigarettes, the temperature threshold is lower and doesn’t allow for the combustion of hydrogen cyanide, carbon monoxide, and other extremely harmful chemicals. You can enjoy the flavors and herbal health benefits without damaging the lungs or causing undue irritation and inflammation.

2. Almost No Particulates Make it to the Lungs

One of the more irritating things about smoking to the lungs is the heavy amounts of small particulate matter that are inhaled. Every bit of cigarette that burns is releasing small particles into the air in the smoke. Breathing these in over long periods of time can cause serious health problems.

3. Vape Mist is More Pure than Smoke

The reduction in chemicals and the materials released by cigarette smoke make vaping mist a more pure substance to inhale. You get better flavor results than smoking specialized cigarettes and cigars.

4. Get Maximum Herbal Benefits

For those that like to use the dry herb vaping equipment, the biggest positive is the ability to enjoy the maximum amount of health benefits with every inhalation. Vaping is one of the fastest ways to get the desired herbs into your body. The pure vaping mist allows your system to absorb the beneficial herbs and not become fatigued in fighting through harmful chemicals.

5. Find Dry Herbal Mixes in Wider Varieties

The availability of dry herbal mixes is greater in a wider way than many of the oils. You can choose a dry mix that is pleasant and adds health benefits that go beyond basic flavors. It allows you the opportunity to try a different type of dry mix to keep things interesting.

6. Easy to Tuck Away and Carry with You

Regulations regarding vaping are not as stringent as cigarettes. You can feel comfortable in packing it with you wherever you go. Some are as small as a pen and are easily tucked away in a pocket. You never have to struggle with trying to keep track of a lighter.

Vaping is on the rise due to the boost in health benefits with herbal options and the convenience of taking it with you to almost any location.