Regardless of the actual health benefits of electronic cigarettes when compared with traditional cigarettes, it’s impossible to deny them as a viable alternative. Since nothing is being burned in the process, the e-cigarette doesn’t produce any smoke, which also means no second-hand smoke. It also eliminates self-damage, collateral damage, clothing stains, and smells caused by burning cigarettes but the list of benefits goes on a little bit longer.

1. Greater Freedom

For the reasons listed above, among others, smoking traditional cigarettes is largely banned inside public places whereas e cigarette Toronto are essentially unregulated. For that reason, you will have a bit more freedom using these in public and there is also far less of a negative stigma associated with these items.

2. Enjoy Some Different Flavours

Flavoured cigarettes aren’t exactly an option and while there are flavoured tobacco products, none of them have the range or potency that you experience with the electronic cigarette.

3. Potentially Save Loads of Cash

The biggest single purchase of the e-cigarette is the actual unit that you vape out of and the follow-up purchases will be your batteries and e-liquids, both of which will depend on how often you vape. On average, batteries can last up to six months. A 30ml bottle of e-liquid is roughly $16 and many people can make two 30ml bottles last them an entire month.

However, even if you go through more than each month, you are still spending considerably less on e-cigarette equipment.

4. Safer for You and the Environment

Electronic cigarettes merely heat liquid to create a vapour whereas traditional cigarettes combust and burn, creating an actual fire hazard. Plenty of fires have started as a result of cigarettes but this isn’t a concern with the electronic cigarette. You also don’t have to carry around a lighter.

5. Enhance Your Senses

Tobacco cigarettes not only reduce your sense of smell but limit your sense of taste as well. Switching to the electronic cigarette will help you regain your senses and while it may take some time, it will almost certainly be noticeable.

6. Additional Health Improvements

The smoke generated from tobacco cigarettes reduces circulation and damages your lungs, which ultimately hurts your ability to breathe. Since electronic cigarettes don’t burn, this doesn’t happen; by switching, you can begin a path to recovery. Enjoy better circulation and breathing improvements as you further distance yourself from tobacco cigarettes.

7. The Chance to Ditch Cigarettes Altogether

This has always been the big idea — that you can quit smoking and kick the nicotine addiction by switching to electronic cigarettes and it’s entirely possible. Electronic cigarettes don’t

produce the harmful chemicals that are contained in cigarettes and also give you control over your nicotine levels. You can purchase e-cigarettes in varying nicotine levels; ideally, you would start high and work your way down until you weaned yourself off altogether.

However, given that this alternative is far less damaging to your health, it’s more justifiable to continue doing it as a habit.