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4 Steps To Making Your Own Vape Juice

There are many reasons you might want to try making your own vape juice. Some people make their own e-juice to save money, while others like the creative aspect of mixing up the perfect flavour.

No matter what your reasons are, it can be hard to know where to start. Check out these 4 simple steps to making your own homemade vape juice.


Step 1: Gather your materials.

In order to make homemade e-juice, you’ll need some equipment and ingredients.

First, you’ll need a base or dilutant for your e-juice — the two most common choices are vegetable glycerin (VG) and propylene glyco (PG)l. Do your research and find out what’s best for you. Some people have health concerns about propylene glycol, but it can provide a “throat hit” that vegetable glycerin can’t.

You’ll also need flavouring — which can range from essential oil mixes to flavour shots purchased from a vape company — as well as nicotine if you choose to use it. In terms of equipment, you’ll need a mixing bowl, gloves, a scale, a measuring syringe, a funnel, and bottles to store your e-liquid.


Step 2: Calculate your ratios.

Search online for some basic vape juice recipes. There, you’ll find a ratio of PG, VG, flavouring, and nicotine that you can follow.

Some recipes will give you the exact measurements, but sometimes you’ll have to make adjustments to the amounts provided. If so, do a quick search for an e-liquid calculator and you should have no problem figuring out the correct amounts to add.

When it comes to flavouring and nicotine, less is more. You can always add more to your final product if you find it’s too weak, but it’s harder to dilute a too-strong product. Make sure to do your research on the nicotine level that’s best for you.


Step 3: Measure and combine.

When you have your calculations ready, you can measure the amounts and place them into your bottle for mixing. Some measurements will be in grams, while others will be in milliliters. If your measurement is in grams, you can use your scale to measure the correct amount. Make sure to use the tare function on the empty container before you start to fill it.

If your measurement is in milliliters, you’ll want to use either a measuring cup or measuring syringe depending on the total volume. Always double check to make sure you have the correct amounts before adding, and be especially careful with nicotine.

When you add the nicotine, be sure to wear gloves and avoid spilling the product. Nicotine can absorb through skin, and it’s easy to overdose on a concentrated product. If you spill nicotine on yourself, wash it off and seek medical attention.

Finally, make sure to mix the product well by shaking vigorously.


Step 4: Sample and adjust.

When you’ve added the ingredients and mixed well, there’s only one thing left to do: load it up into your favourite e cigarette Toronto or vaporizer and take a hit. It’s recommended to start with a small hit at first, in case you accidentally added too much flavouring, too much nicotine, or if your VG:PG ratios are off.

You can troubleshoot your mix at this stage. If the “throat hit” is too intense, you may have too much PG in the mix. If you start to feel nauseated and unwell, you may have added too much nicotine. And if the flavour is just off, you may be able to fix it by trying to add a secondary flavour.

Hopefully, your homemade vape juice turned out great and you’re happy with the results.


The Vaping Militia

It has been a crazy four years since the Vaping Militia was founded. Originally the brainchild of Fred Dauksza, we came together with the singular purpose to to spur people into action and to fill the gaps left by the other advocacy groups.

Fred enlisted two friends, Artemus Barker and Armando Mendez to found the organization.  Quickly they recruited Jim Ranes and Joe Barnett to complete the original board of directors.  With the help of Danny Baker the group started.

At first the other vape advocacy groups didn’t take them seriously, a bunch of guys with no experience in politics taking on the system.

Brash branding, harsh language and a lot of passion gained them some victories on local issues.  It also got the attention of vapers.

Vapers signed up to join the fight.  They joined to spread the word, to learn and to support 5 guys who wanted to save vaping.

The battlefield grew and the board had to expand to suit what was needed.  Patrick Riffe and Robin Barsky were added to fill areas of need on the board, and shortly after Faith Orsini-Calix and Ian Bird Friedman were recruited.