Militia Member Details


“How can I help?”

There a few different ways you can help.  If you are sitting here reading this, YOU CAN HELP.

Facebook Members

First and foremost we ask everyone join on our Facebook page. From there you will have access to many of our documents and see many of our call to actions. Everyone helps when it comes to the call to actions.  Most of the calls to action have email addresses that need emails and phone numbers to be called. Sharing the call to actions with other vapers in the community helps get the information out.

Entry Level Militia Member

General Membership

Our next level is a $30 a year donation level. With this donation we will send you out a membership card and a set of personalized Vaping Militia Dog Tags. Well just what does a set of Dog Tags do for me? Better yet what can you do with a set of Dog Tags? You will have something to show that you support the cause. It can be used as a conversation starter. One that may get you talking to a non vaper who smokes and is looking for an alternative as well as starting conversation with a vaper who does not know about the fight.

We believe that you, The Vaping Militia Member, are the key to helping our Vaping Militia Vendors fund this fight.  It requires both action and financial resources to fund the various costs incurred. Our premise is that our Vaping Militia Members will be in direct support of these businesses, both local brick & mortar and US/Canadian based internet vendors.  Our focus in creating this support relationship is so that when the time comes for action our vendors will have the support of our physical bodies in their local areas. Our forces will come to give aid.


In preparation, every Vaping Militia member pledges to support these businesses.  Through your purchases, you will give them the means to carry out this fight.

“We must support those who support us”
When the time comes, we will stand united to take this fight to “City Hall’’

Militia Trooper

Many have asked and now we have delivered there is now a Militia Trooper  Level.  Trooper level is for those that have made the decision to give back to the community.  Funds collected from the Troopers will be used in the direct support of the Militia, paying for the daily operating cost incurred in the fight.   We thank you for stepping up and believing in us.   Our Troopers will from time to time receive various Militia branded items, we know your gracious pledge comes with no strings, but we thank you for your support what small tokens we do send out can never repay the dedication you show us.

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