Is the Vaping Militia a not for profit?

No, our board made the decision that this company would not subject it’s actions to the limitations placed on “not for profit status”. We feel when you ask the government a special tax status, that the rules that you must adhere to may affect our capability to function.  We believe our board will make sound decisions on where and how to spend any monies with in their control.  This company is willing to pay what ever tax liability is due for any actions we take for that freedom.

Where does the money paid in go?

First to pay our monthly obligations, second we reimburse the expenses incurred my our members, then the remainder is given to the board to make decisions of how to grow the Militia  and act in response to the defense of our right as vapors.

What about the special collected funds?

Our board will clearly identify the goal and needed funds and disbursement date of any collected funds.