Half Past Too Damned Late?



Isn’t it past time that we hold our vendors to the minimum standard that they tell their customers what they are selling them? Did we not get our fill of lies and blind obedience from big tobacco?  They also didn’t tell us what was in the cigarettes they sold us.

Vaping is not meant to be harm elimination.  We know that harm reduction is the goal. Don’t you want to know what it is that your customers are inhaling?

I think most of us DO want to know.

No finger pointing.  No demand to remove stuff. Just tell us what’s in it. Advocacy is tired of the, “we don’t know what’s in it” argument from politicians and the various orgs that we have to fight. PG/VG, nicotine, and food grade flavoring is not enough.

“Food grade flavoring” means a lot of things.

  1.       It means, “This is safe for eating.

  2.       It means, “This has not been tested for other purposes

  3.       It means, “If you use this for purposes other than intended you better get it tested.”

  4.       It means, “It’s your ass on the line if it comes down to it.”

Does your juice have DA or AP? Acetoin? Aldehydes? Pyrazine?

Do you even know?  Did you simply take the word of the flavor supplier, or did you get your stuff tested?

Does the label on your flavor concentrates say “GRAS”?  Do you even know what that means?  It doesn’t mean that it is Generally Recognized as Safe for inhalation.  GRAS is a designation for food not for inhalation.

If you got it tested what method does your lab use?  GC-MS or GC-FID?  Don’t know what that means?

Pick up almost any consumer product off of the shelf in the store and look at the label.  It tells you everything in it.  Not the recipe but at least a list of the chemicals that are in it.  Why aren’t we doing this on our labels?  You ask people to buy it and inhale it, but you won’t tell us what is in it.

Do you verify your nicotine levels after you manufacture your juice?  That is on the label but are you sure your calculations are correct?

You want to be considered a professional industry, but how professional are you acting?

This far into the development of the vapor industry and there are still juice companies selling bottles without child resistant/tamper evident packaging.

Don’t you think it’s sad that a consumer driven industry has allowed this to continue?  Consumers should be buying products that are manufactured by responsible companies, not giving their money to companies that are stumbling in the dark and thumbing their noses at the future of the industry.

Has time run out for us to be able to fix all of these problems?  Do we give up on lowering the number of people that die of smoking related illnesses?  Do we shut the doors and go home?

Have we gone half past too damn late to step up and be the professionals we claim to be?  Can you show us that you care for your customers and the future of your industry?   Prove it, actions are stronger than words.  Don’t rely on Facebook and Instagram.  Help fix the industry before it gets taken away from us.


9 comments to Half Past Too Damned Late?

  • Angie  says:

    I won’t buy any eliquid unless the company lists the ingredients and pg/vg ratio. It’s no different than anything else we consume – we have a right to know exactly what’s in it to make informed decisions. Not to mention the fact that some people have sensitivities to certain ingredients. I get a seriously raw throat and sinuses when I vape more than 20% pg, and I’ve known others that can’t use high percentages of vg.

    • reuven tenam  says:

      I completely agree with your statement. That,s why all our labels show BOD,PG/VG and all necessary info.

  • Adam  says:

    I couldn’t agree more. I use only “Premium” juices made in the U.S.A…. thinking that they would be the “best” and the “safest”. I hope this article gains some real traction. And puts pressure on E Juice manufacturers to voluntarily put all ingredients on the label. Or maybe an oversight organization wouldn’t be all that bad, I don’t know. But thanks for speaking up!!

    • Greg  says:

      Since there are currently no definitions for “premium” lines, “Premium” juice means one thing. It has the word “Premium” on the label.
      That doesn’t mean that it has been tested.
      That doesn’t mean that it has been mixed in a clean room.
      That doesn’t mean that it has any special properties, other than the word “premium” on the label.

      Now, granted, some juices HAVE been mixed in a clean room. Some HAVE been tested. But don’t depend on the word “premium” to indicate those things.

      • RebelGurrl  says:

        Very True! Anyone can claim their products are premium and jack up the price. The sad thing is many ppl will believe it too. I have bought a “premium” juice that tasted good when I tried at at the store, but when I got home and started vaping on it I started feeling awful. I was getting a headache and I was feeling sick to my stomach. At first I didn’t know if it was just a coincidence but I really felt like it was the juice so I stopped vaping it. I wondered what the hell was in it that gave me that reaction. Some time went by and I thought I would give it another shot but immediately felt the same way. I am very particular about the ingredients in the products I buy. I have to take the time to read the label and I read a lot of labels! This was a great article!

  • Jim  says:

    Amen! I only buy from my local B&M’s (luckily I live in Tulsa, so I have a plethora of them but sadly only about 3 are of any worth). My main shop is extremely picky about what juice lines they carry. There are several lines that they won’t carry even though they are/were wildly popular because of multiple reasons. Its the reason I buy the bulk of my juice through them. Its for this very reason.

    • Nicki  says:

      As a new vaper, I’d really love some suggestions on which companies put out safe, quality products, so I can support them. I’d also be interested to know which manufacturers are best avoided. Any tips or info you can share would be helpful and very much appreciated!

  • Carl  says:

    Great post. Will be passing this on.

  • nacht  says:

    this needs to be read by everyone

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